The Life Coach Series

Wednesdays 6:30PM – 8:00PM

The Wellness Collective
1324 Lake Drive SE Ste #4
Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Each workshop builds upon the others, yet they can be taken alone or individually:
From the time they met Michael & Leah knew that they had a message to share together. They specialize in helping their clients access their purpose, power and potential and integrate this into their careers or businesses. To empower their clients with the tools they need for success they have developed a training program that they now offer to the public over this series of 4 workshops.

February 8th – Take your power back

Learn how you are giving your power away and the key requirement for taking it back.

• What keeps you “Playing Small”
• How you give your power away
• The key requirements for taking your power back


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February 15th – Overcoming Your Blocks

The only thing that is stopping you from experiencing your potential is your blocks.

• The anatomy of potential
• How to recognize blocks
• Unpacking your block once you have identified it
• A new perspective on personal development
• The neuroscience of creating real change

During this talk Michael & Leah share their simple, yet profound methodology for helping people experience huge transformation in the results they are creating in their life. This includes things like increased productivity, confidence, leadership abilities, business success, relationships, finances, overcoming physical and mental health challenges, developing focus, gaining clarity, creating happiness and much more.


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February 22nd – The Neuroscience of Change

Understanding how to implement change is the missing link for most people who are trying to improve their lives. Learn the neuroscience of creating real transformation at the subconscious level.

-How our subconscious beliefs run our lives
-How thoughts and perceptions get programed into the subconscious.
-Neuroscience of why we don’t change and how we can
-Intentional Meditation Tool – reprogramming at the subconscious level.

During this talk Michael & Leah shares their simple, yet profound tool for helping people experience huge transformations in the results that they are creating in their life.


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