My passion is helping people wake up to their purpose and potential. I look at the big picture of a person’s journey and ask: What does courageous success look like for you? What is it that you are truly seeking? How could that passion be expressed in your business? What if we created a path to that big idea over there?

The essence of what we desire in life is to experience our true potential. What does this mean to you? If you are just getting by, whether financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, you will experience unhappiness, unfulfillment, or just that “something’s missing” feeling. Being content, satisfied, balanced, and at peace with yourself is directly related to being aligned with your true potential.

This program will take you to a deeper level of commitment to who you are at your highest potential. I will give you the education, tools and training to reach your goals and experience a transformation of who you thought you were! I will design your program to seamlessly fit your needs. Come work with me, It’s time to take that chance, to break the old barriers. You don’t want to just survive, you want to thrive!


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After more than twelve years of working one on one with clients, I have found that fear, or rather, lack of courage is the undercurrent causing most people to stay stuck in a life that doesn’t align with their true potential. Without the courage to show up as their whole self, many people lose sight of their purpose, feel uncertain about their gifts, and struggle to find a path forward in their lives and businesses. Instead of thriving, they tread water.

It just so happens that courage is like my currency in this world. It’s the gift I love to share with others when they are running low. Courage is the energy I help people claim so they can to tap into their gifts, show up bolder in their sense of purpose, and thrive.

My love of courage is sparked by a mix of passions. I love daring myself and others to try new things and see life from many angles. My interests include everything from technology, travel, and networking to yoga, spirituality, and massage. As an ADHD business coach with a Type A streak, I am always on the search for what’s new, and I love turning what I learn into something useful for others.

As my own path shows, the courage to thrive can be expressed in so many ways! I hope to explore many of them through this community. I have special interests in entrepreneurship and helping women start businesses. Additionally, one of my coaching specialties is helping clients with ADHD—I have helped a number of people turn their ADHD into a source of energy rather than a cause of frustration.

I am excited to join you in claiming your courage! I hope you’ll connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn if Courage to Thrive can help you show up as your true, thriving self!


  • Coach training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) coach training academy
  • Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Certified Energy Leadership Coach
  • One-on-one training with Master Coach Ed Able, nationally known business and entrepreneurial coach
  • Former owner of Evolve Center for Success, a business and life coaching center in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Co-founder of the Unstoppable Women’s Networking Group
  • Twelve years of entrepreneurial experience treating, consulting, and coaching clients

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When I first met Leah Grace ten years ago I could not have imagined how her skill, wisdom, and deep understanding would transform my life. During a period of great loss, and nearly unbearable grief, Leah’s gentle healing and insight brought me, body and soul, through the pain to joy again. And though successful in my career, with Leah’s coaching and support, I have begun to rediscover and reclaim neglected passions and talents, explore new professional opportunities, and begin thinking about the next chapter of my life. Leah joyfully celebrates the uniqueness of each person she serves and, with a seemingly bottomless toolbox, offers the best practices to help them bring out the best in themselves. Most important to me, Leah works with integrity, creating a safe space where risk is supported, vulnerability is respected, and trust is honored. I believe that I know myself better and live a richer more authentic life because of our work together.


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