Leah Grace

{re}Connecting you to your purpose, power and potential


Right now

You have a purpose.

You have unbelievable
potential to experience.

You have your power within you.

It’s time to

Stop living your life for others.

Cultivate YOUR powerful way of designing your life.

Wake up to the wisdom that you have within you.


This is not just about getting to the next step,

This is about transformation.

Let’s bring forward the power you have within you to succeed.

You have a message to share!

It’s more important than ever for conscious leaders and enlightened entrepreneurs to fully emerge and show up for themselves, their work and their world.

Deep down you know you have a mission or a calling…and you also know how challenging it can be to live on purpose, get clear on your authentic path forward, cultivate your fullest expression, and grow your message, tribe and impact.

And, if you’re like many of today’s leaders and business owners, you may be left feeling:

  • Inadequate in building your own self-confidence let alone inspiring others to follow you
  • Stuck in your ability to move forward with your work, ideas or authentic expression
  • Lost, confused or out of touch with your inner voice and guidance… left wondering what your next steps are
  • Trapped in an endless cycle of “being more productive” and “doing more” without the results to show for your hard work
  • Exhausted, run down, adrift with no spark left… like your inner light has dimmed and there isn’t enough of you to go around
  • Anxious, troubled or uneasy – bothered that you can’t see what might be holding you back from the success you desire and know you deserve
  • Discouraged or even depressed that the life of freedom, ease and impact you imagined seems to be completely out of reach

The situation seems overwhelming. Yet, the answer is simple…not easy, but simple. The answer is living in alignment.



Do you have a deep and driving desire to experience the power and potential that you know is within you?


Do you have a yearning to use your unique gifts, strengths and passions to make your impact in this world?


Do you struggle with setting boundaries, making clear decisions, or getting your needs met in a confident and loving way?


Are you longing to experience the clarity that comes with knowing your life’s purpose?


Do you feel personally blocked despite all of the work that you have done?


Do you feel nothing has changed despite all of the personal work that you have done?

The Aligned Mindset Method


“After working with clients for over 12 years, I realized that no matter what goals they came in with, each person was really asking for the exact same thing – to experience his or her full potential. As I dug deeper what I found was astonishing – that everyone already has a blueprint of their potential within them. The only thing I had to do was to teach my clients how to LIVE IN ALIGNMENT with it.”


You have all of the guidance and answers you need within you right now. Learn the key to unlocking that guidance and awaken to the clarity of your full potential.


All blocks are a result of misguided perceptions. Learn a powerful process to easily identify your core perceptions that are holding you back.


The most powerful part of this program is in empowering you with THE TOOL for reprogramming who you are being at the subconscious level.

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