Establish Your Power Practice

Transform your life

4-week group coaching program

What is a power practice?

The biggest factor to your success is your ability to cultivating the routines that you need in order to show up each day from your place of purpose, power and potential.

What purpose does it serve?

  • A focused and productive practice creates a focused and productive day
  • Show up in your life more mindful and consciously connected
  • {re}Connect to the truth and wisdom that is already within you
  • Prioritize what is the most important and let go of distractions
  • Learn how to set boundaries and say No!
  • Develop focus
  • ….and so much more!!!

What is included:

  • 30-day challenge
  • 4 webinars coaching sessions
  • Accountability FB group
  • Gobs of resources


Add-on bonuses!!!!

1 on 1 coaching session to help clarify your how you can use your practice to implement the life transformation that you want to make.


Additional bonus for the first 15!!!!

2 – hour in-person workshop on developing your at home yoga practice led by Yoga Instructor and Life Coach, Jill Johnson Saturday, March 25th (Grand Rapids MI)

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Session detail:

 Group webinar sessions will be Wednesday’s at 12:00pm-1:30pm
(All session will be recorded)

March 1st

The power of a practice

  • Cultivating the commitment
  • Setting up your morning and evening “non-negotiables.”
  • The weekly date night
  • Identify what you are clearing & letting go of
  • Group sharing

March 8th

Effective Meditation

  • Understand the difference between the many types of meditation and their benefits
  • Intro to the Intentional Meditation Tool for implementing transformation
  • Group coaching

March 15

Clearing the Clutter

  • Cluttering up our life is one of the biggest ways we “Play Small.”
  • The impact of physical clutter
  • The “too busy” clutter
  • Mental clutter
  • Group coaching

March 29th

The Practice Potluck

  • In this session we will share our favorite practices and invite the group to share theirs as well.
  • The “Take your power back” practice
  • Group coaching through blocks and challenges, how to keep adjusting until we get it right.

Price $497.00

Introductory price available until March 1st



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